Talk Today’s impact in the sports community is far-reaching, from direct support for athletes, to local community awareness initiatives, to social media campaigns that have reached millions.


elite athletes have participated in Talk Today since 2014


fans reached at awareness events annually


social media impressions on #TalkToday annually

In addition to these results, research led by McGill University’s Faculty of Education is seeking to evaluate the effectiveness of Talk Today and to provide valuable feedback from participants to improve upon the structure and content of the program. Today, two reports on McGill’s research have been published:

Supporting athlete mental health:

An evaluation of Talk Today

Released in March 2021, evaluated Ontario Hockey League participants’ perceptions of the program.


of athletes and 90 per cent of staff were satisfied with the program


of team staff said they were likely to change the way they behave in response to someone with a mental health issue

Talk Today in the CJHL:

An evaluation of a mental health program in junior hockey

Released in January 2023, evaluated Canadian Junior Hockey League participants’ perceptions of the program.


“agreed” or “strongly agreed” they were satisfied with the program


learned “a medium amount” to “a lot” about mental health


said they were “likely” or “very likely” to change the way they responded to individuals with mental health issues

McGill continues its evaluation of Talk Today, with future phases of its research to include coaches and staff perceptions of their role in supporting athlete mental health as well as their feedback on the program as a whole. 

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